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Medical Relief Alliance – Shifts Fundraising Gears to Enhance our Goat Hope Program

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2009 ushered in a wave of growth for Goat Hope as this program significantly increased capacity to reach new rural communities in Kenya. Goat Hope was able to continue redressing the economic and health ravages of HIV/AIDS through incorporating microenterprise training, public health and of course, the gift of hybrid (Toggenburg) goats to eligible households throughout rural Kenya. 2010 holds even more promise for Goat Hope program as we are quickly establishing the impact our programming is having to our beneficiaries. For instance, over 60% of our more than 100 beneficiaries have increased their income by over 30% annually (that is from living below poverty at $500 annually to slightly above $1,500!). Additionally, the health outcomes we have collected includes anecdotes of HIV patients seeing a reason to continue mentally fighting the disease to actually slowing down some of the opportunistic symptoms of AIDS through strengthening their immune systems by way of goat milk consumption. Many is not all of the infected patients in rural Kenya have reconnected with their families and communities because of elevated sense of esteem—having more to live for because they know own a means of livelihood (goat herds). As we prop up Goat Hope through our annual fundraising appeals, particularly the raffle campaign, we are optimistic that MRA will support almost 400 children, women and men with a family member infected with HIV/AIDS. This exciting raffle campaign has wonderful prizes such as a Florida Timeshare valued at $12,000, a guided tour and 4 night stay in one of Kenya’s most prestigious resort and lodges at Masai Mara, and a Manhattan weekend get a way at a Marriot Hotel! The raffle ticket entitles the bearer to a sumptuous meal, drinks at half price and loads of entertainment as we conduct the drive on February 10th 2010 at GustOrganics, NYC’s newest restaurant and bar trendsetter that serves only organic food and drinks! We thank you for your support. Your purchase of a raffle ticket brings us closer to stabilizing and in some cases saving lives of many Kenyan households with a member infected with HIV/AIDS. So if you haven’t run into one of our volunteers with a raffle ticket for you, consider purchasing one securely through our website at

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