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WELCOME BACK everybody! As usual, we have some good news for you! And some bad news too. The good news is we have collected one week of our target, which means one more red bar! The bad news, however, is by this time we should have had SIX red bars instead of FIVE. WHAT happened!? We therefore ask you to please please please help us meet our target. We have about FOUR weeks to our event. We need to make our chart ALL red by then. Please help us. Remember, IT IS ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE. Your donation will help us buy goats for Kenyan families, who can use the goat’s milk for their families, PLUS the surplus can be sold. How good can that be? Remember four weeks and five more bars. YOU can make this...

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Hello everybody! This week we are here with some exciting news. Not only did we reach our target for the week, but we have actually surpassed it! Isn’t that great? The chart is just getting better and better. Thank you very much for your support. We couldn’t appreciate enough. Let’s get together and make this chart complete. Tell your friends and family about our event. The more we raise, the better it is. Remember, it’s all for a good cause. We will come back next week with more red bars. It could only happen if you help us. Please...

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We made it to WEEK TWO!!

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Welcome back! It’s been another week of our campaign, and we have done it again! We told you we will get there! Thanks for all your help. Please support our effort, and you will not be disappointed, we promise. Remember, it’s only $25 per week. That’s all we ask for. Once again, thank you all and let the word...

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