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Thank You for Supporting MRA!

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Thank You for Your Support to MRA!Hello! Great News! Goats have been delivered to 9 households in Transmara Kenya. The Goat Hope beneficiaries represent 60 children, women and men affected with HIV/AIDS. A few weeks ago we shared the profile of two families and today we list the other seven family profiles below. Kinangare Keiyua Family – Ms. Keiyua, a widow with three children, is HIV positive. Ms. Keiyua has maintained a very healthy lifestyle (considering the standards of living in rural Kenya) mainly through tilling her land where she grows very nutritious food crops (spinach, various legumes and fruit). The Keiyua diet, however, lacks animal protein that is particularly important for healthy growth of the younger children and a stronger immune system for Ms. Keiyua. The two goats they will receive will be extremely crucial in supplementing their household diet. Kinangare Tiringa Family is one of the smaller households impacted with HIV/AIDS in Enoosean Village, Transmara, Kenya. Ms. Tiringa, also HIV positive, keeps herself optimistic by rearing chicken that she sells to provide for resources that purchase her households food and other subsistent needs. The goats will be instrumental in supplementing their household income and furthering Ms. Tiringa’s goal of educating her children. Kinyingita Naigisa – Poses with her daughter and granddaughter. While Ms. Naigisa is not HIV positive, her daughter and granddaughter are. She has therefore assumed the role of caretaker at her golden years and the goats her household receive will be extremely important for her daughter and granddaughters nutrition. Naibaituni Nairimo household is one of the few families endowed with resources that can enable them quickly emerge from below the poverty line. Because this household has a son who is primary school educated and strong enough to perform various agricultural activities, their diet and economic outlook, though dire, is not as catastrophic as the other family profiles. The goats are the boost the Nairimo family needs to establish a stronger economic footing that can catapult them to an income level of $1500 – 2500 annually, just barely above the UN defined poverty line threshold. The goat milk will also be useful in providing much needed nutrition for Ms. Nairimo’s daughter who is HIV positive. Naoroi Nangea Family represents the unfortunate emerging trend in most of Africa’s Sub Saharan villages where the grandparents are having to play the role of caregiver after their grandchildren are orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Mama Nagea is almost 80 years old and her eight grandchildren were recently orphaned by AIDS that claimed the lives of their parents. Prior to the role of caretaker, Mama Nangea was already struggling to feed herself and could barely make it economically. Having been thrust into the role of provider again, Mama Nangea and family profiles like hers depend on projects like Goat Hope as the only lifeline. Medical Relief Alliance, Inc. will work closely with the local government officials in Enoosean to ensure that Mama Nangea receives the support she needs to be successful in rearing her dairy goats. Beyond the two goats she’ll receive, MRA intends to gift her additional two goats in 2011 owing to the size and need in her family. Narku Naigisa Family is another very hopeful family that requires a minimal support before breaking through to marginally live above the UN defined poverty line. Because of the age, size and resources available to this family, Ms. Naigisa is in a better position that many of her HIV/AIDS widowed counterparts to educate her daughter. Naisum, her daughter is a brilliant student and aspires to be the first veterinary officer in her village....

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