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RECENT MRA PROJECT: RUVUMA TANZANIA One of the programs MRA undertakes is the GOAT HOPE. Goat Hope was established as a microenterprise, supporting both the nutritional and income needs to people affected by HIV/AIDS in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Even though, the program began in Kenya, MRA is proud to extend to other parts of Africa. One of the most recent places is in Ruvuma Tanzania. WHAT IS GOAT HOPE? MRA distributes dairy goat to families where at least one family member is affected with HIV/AIDS. The goat provides milk to the family for consumption, and the sale of the surplus brings income to the family. WHY GOAT HOPE? I am going to use some big words here, but don’t panic!Immunodeficiency disorder or immunosuppression simply means suppression of the immune system in the human body. This may occur for many reasons, one of which is AIDS. Research shows that goat milk is easy to digest than cow milk. It is also high in nutrients such as Vitamin B1, B6 and contains Niacin content, therefore helping people suffering from immunodeficiency disorder. Also, goat is more easily acceptable in the Sub-Saharan African cultures. It requires low resources to sustain and grow their herds, resulting in higher return. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? On average, the Goat Hope project approximately costs $5,500 annually. The funds are used to purchase 24 crossbred dairy goats which are leased to six households (i.e. four goats per household), with at least one member affected with HIV/AIDS. The funds are also used to provide training, constant evaluation and support to local NGOs on implementing and managing the Goat Hope project. OUR SUCCESS RATE? To date, MRA has implemented the Goat Hope project to over 30 households in Kenya. These households represent over 300 children, women and men affected with HIV/AIDS. Over 100 goats have been gifted to beneficiaries in three Kenyan provinces. BEYOND KENYA TO RUVUMA TANZANIA Ruvuma Tanzania has the similar rural settings as Kenya. We believe that the Goat Hope will have similar success in Ruvuma Tanzania, addressing better economic and health outcome among people affected by...

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