Community-Owned Dairy to be Launch in 2017

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Community-Owned Dairy to be Launch in 2017

After much success with our Social Venture Goat Farm we are proudly looking forward to launching our Community-Owned Dairy program.

The purpose of the dairy will be to build a central milk collection point at the farm, for the families with goats to bring their milk and sell it to the farm. The farm will then sell the milk to already identified vendors for processing, packaging and distribution. Our Farmers make up almost 80% of the goat milk supply chain in Kirinyaga County, with each family producing an average of 2 liters per day.

We need your support to successfully launch our Community-Owned Dairy.

So far we have raised $25,000 to purchase a milk cooler and a pasteurizer. Your support towards the goal of $35,000 will enable us to:

  • Construct the dairy plant – $20,000
  • Purchase a Refrigerated Truck- $10,000
  • Install a Generator- $5,000

Donations can be made by mailing checks addressed to:
Medical Relief Alliance, Inc.
244 5th Avenue Suite B293,
New York, NY 10001.

All donations are tax deductible.
Need More Information? Email: