Meet Joanne!

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Joanne is one of the lovely MRA clients we met while we were in Kenya. She was gracious enough to invite us into her home and let us meet the new addition to her family, her new Toggenberg goat Faith, gifted to her by MRA! My team members and I were very impressed at the fact that he had built her goat pen by herself with sticks and twigs from her own yard. While in Kenya we were able to visit many goat farms, and see many pens, this one was by far one of the cleanest and most up-kept of them all.

Joanne’s daughter passed away from HIV/AIDS a few years ago, and Joanne was left to take care of her young grandson Maxwell. It was such a pleasure to meet healthy, and bright fifth grader Maxwell who giggled when we asked him what he thought of the new four-legged addition to the family.

Meeting Medical Relief Alliance’s clients was definitely the highlight of my trip. After conducting our desk research in preparation of our literature review and field visits it was so rewarding to meet all the women who are a part of the Goat Hope Project. They were all so cheerful and welcoming, and sang songs and danced for us. This is a clip of a video from their weekly meeting as they welcomed us to Kenya and to their community.